My Week with Gordon Hayward

My Week with Gordon Hayward

It’s Friday, July 7th, and I’m still glowing from the big 4th of July news. Three days ago, NBA free agent Gordon Hayward committed to sign with my hometown team, the Boston Celtics. Sure, the process was bumpy. In early afternoon, we thought it was a done deal. And then, all hell broke loose.

A lot of fake news, Twitter going crazy, some “inner circle leaks” along with reports that his meeting with the Miami Heat and Utah Jazz went really well. His agent denied that a decision had been made. He said they were still evaluating, and now they needed to “regroup.” All across New England, there was excitement, then confusion. Then concern. A region full of NBA fans, overcooking the hot dogs and burgers on the grill because they couldn’t stop refreshing their Twitter accounts. It was like someone handing you $1,000, giving you just enough time to celebrate, and then taking it back without explanation. Will it come back? Is it gone forever? Was I an idiot for celebrating.

A few tension and angst-fill hours later, it was finally official. We got our guy. Hayward released an essay on The Players’ Tribune called “Thank You, Utah,” in which he simultaneously thanked the city of his former team and announced his intentions to win a championship with the Celtics. A classy essay from what appears to be a classy guy. Albeit, an indecisive guy. In the essay, Hayward describes the process of getting drafted by the Jazz at the age of 20, and how far he’s come since then. A touching story about video games, youthful naiveté and eating Subway every day.

Wait, what’s this? I’m hearing breaking news. ESPN is reporting that Hayward just signed a sponsorship deal with Subway!? He’s going to be their “Marquee Sandwich Artist.” This is crazy. What a week for Hayward!!

Oh no. Conflicting reports. NBA insider and scoop-getter Adrian Wojnarowski is saying that Subway has not heard anything official from the Hayward camp yet. The agent just came out and said that they are still deliberating. Reports say Jersey Mike’s still feels confident in their chances of landing the NBA star. This can’t be happening again. Truthfully, I always saw the Jersey Mike’s deal as a power move. Like Steph Curry going with Under Armour. But now we are left to wait and wonder, again. On a Friday?

This is getting frustrating. Okay, he just released another Players’ Tribune article. Wow, a really thoughtful piece. He thanked all of his friends and mentors at Jersey Mike’s, but he’ll be going to Subway. You have to respect that. Doing what’s best for him and his family. Closes the article with: “I’m excited to Eat Fresh, now and forever.” I’m actually choking up a bit.

Just turned on the TV and there is already a Gordon Hayward Subway commercial. Those guys at Subway work fast! Apparently he already has a signature sandwich, “Gordon’s Tuna and Swish Cheese.”

Oh God. Here’s Woj again. Apparently Hayward has not signed off on the Tuna decision. Is this really happening? There better be an essay coming out…

There it is. Okay this might be the best Players’ Tribune article of them all. Yes, he’s going with tuna. You can tell he struggled with the decision. Seems like turkey and ham meant a lot to him. Helped shape him in his formative years. He has this story about his wedding and how they had little turkey sandwich finger foods. It meant the world to him. This must have been difficult. Tuna and Swish Cheese, it is.

Okay, I need to get on with my life. This is ridiculous. Hold on. Looks like there are reports on his new hairdo…